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DIY Project - Ottoman Slipcover

Amazing Turquoise 2010: Ottoman Slipcover

Tutorial and Image Brought to you by: Written By: Liz Johnson

Put your feet up and ponder this age-old question: what's the difference between a footstool and an ottoman? Besides the fact that an ottoman sounds way fancier than a footstool, the only real differences are: 1) an ottoman is always upholstered (footstools needn't be), and 2) sometimes an ottoman has another job: large ones fill in as coffee tables and hollow ones can open up and act as storage boxes. Our ottoman was a favorite kitty perch and had definitely seen better days. Why buy new when you can make a simple cover? Home décor sewing to the rescue!

This amazing tutorial can be found here!

Ottoman Makeover
This is very well done step by step with imaging: Click Here for the Tutorial.

Seeing these Tutorials I was inspired to do my own and thought I would share with you my own DIY Slip Cover to help add to the inspiration that you can do this yourself! After years of having this page posted I finally got the courage to try it out for myself.

Note I'm far from any professional semstrest. It's something my grandmother taught me in 2nd grade that I've kept with me all these years. So somehow I was able to take those skills from all those years ago and apply them to these tutorials to make my own ottoman slip cover. If I can do it you can to! It takes time and patience and lots of pinning and taking on and off and adjusting. Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be happy to answer any of them if I can. Have a wonderful inspiring day!

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