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Lil Miss Katie's Custom Handmade Jewelry Designs

Lil Miss

Lil Miss

Graphic, Web and Jewelry Designer and Artist...I'm inspired by all things creative. When I started jewelry making as a side hobby over 5 years ago, I became obsessed with the the craft and everything about it. Design, colors, textures, details and technique. I now not only make pieces I enjoy to wear but have hand created thousands of pieces for people all over the world.

Thank you so much for taking some time to getting to know a lil about myself. I hope you've found something here you love or to inspire you!

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LMK Mobile Vintage Trailer Shop

As of right now LMK has big plans to go MOBILE! It's official that I'm a proud Trailer owner of this vintage 1971 Trailblazer Travel Trailer to soon be converted over to my mobile shop. I have been debating on shutting down my online shop in the mean time to be able to focus my energy in getting her fixed up. Right now my orders have been pretty slow but steady so I've kept my shop open to take on orders as I go. It will depend on how much extra time I have being that my customers always come first so as much as I do not want to it maybe very much a have to for the time being that  close my shop down for a while as I work on getting her up and going. I'm excited to get started however overwhelmed with the amount of work I know needs to be done. The whole process has been a lot of fun discovering the world of vintage trailers along the way. Being a newbie I thought I would share my journey and have started a Blog about my search of my dream trailer. I'll be posting my every day processes of making her over from painting her inside and out and glamping her out. You can follow here if you'd like:

I look forward to sharing more with you as she comes along and hope that I'll be able to juggle both in the process. I have plans on having her pulled to craft fairs that allow her to be tagged along. I'm excited to see where LMK will be going in the next couple of years!


I Love You More Charm Bracelet

I Love You's the sweet quarrel you hear new ones love say back and forth or the tender phrase said between a parent and child. The never ending never trumping 4 words said to express how much you really love someone in the words that can never be explained and only felt to understand. This charm expresses that precisely.

These charms are set with our unisex toggle style bracelets with dark brown natural leather and antiqued silver plated discs. The font stamp is Bridgette and the design is done with the Long style heart. These charms however can be placed on any of our customizable bracelets. You can find custom jewelry options here.

To Purchase this as a I Love You More Charm Bracelet as a set go to our Etsy Shop Clicking Here.


14kt Gold Filled & Sterling Accent Jewelry

Newest Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Newest soon to be additions and like so many of our other bracelets these are perfect as Mother Daughter, sisters or best friends!

As soon as I'm able to get these fun creations photographed and edited I will have them listed on LMK's Etsy shop to be available for sale. There will be some that will be available as limited quantities until the new styles show which ones are people's favorites. I love these dainty creations made with either Sterling Silver or 14kt gold filled accents. Also these are done in the new Chinese knot cording. Which I might add that I'm loving the new cording for durability and color vibrancy. I know it's a late start to 2013's jewelry line but there are many new creations on the way! We look forward to offering these as soon as we can! In the mean time let us know what you think!


LMK Gallery

I have plans to adding to this page in the future. I have lots of random pictures that I've taken of customers custom orders that I've Loved how they've turned out and would like to share here. Also there have been customers that have taken the time to take pictures and send them to me showing off their latest LMK creation. If you'd like share them with me and I'll be happy to post and share them here!


Care. Share. Wear. Jewelry Kits! is in the making but will be a sister site to Lil Miss Katie's Designs. This sister company will be providing simple easy jewelry kits and free tutorials on how to create your very own stylish fun handmade jewelry pieces. There are several sites that have inspired me to not only create my own tutorials but to create custom affordable jewelry making kits. The idea is to make jewelry creating as simple as possible by providing tutorials and then all the supplies that you'd need in one place sold as a simple little jewelry making kit. I really want to be able to share to joys in creating one of a kind handmade pieces with others to enjoy.


Great Way to Ask A Date to The Prom

How Will You Be Asking or Be Asked to Prom?

This idea was requested from one of my customer's for her son to be able to ask his date to prom. How cute is this! Like I say time and time again my customer really come up with the best ideas! I love this. Placed on one of my most popular style bracelets is the word Prom and the the date of prom. The card is then placed with it to ask the question. This bracelet then can be kept as a great memorable piece to wear long after a magical night.



New Leather Wrap Bracelet Styles for 2013!

Newest Bracelet Styles for the upcoming 2013 year. This is to show only one style for the upcoming year but with many different options as you will see below. I have dozens of new charms and new cording options! These however are all shown in the very popular leather cording options.

New Leather Unisex Infinity Bracelets for Him and Her. It comes in Silver and Antique Gold.

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