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Lil Miss Katie's Custom Handmade Jewelry Designs

Lil Miss

Lil Miss

Graphic, Web and Jewelry Designer and Artist...I'm inspired by all things creative. When I started jewelry making as a side hobby over 5 years ago, I became obsessed with the the craft and everything about it. Design, colors, textures, details and technique. I now not only make pieces I enjoy to wear but have hand created thousands of pieces for people all over the world.

Thank you so much for taking some time to getting to know a lil about myself. I hope you've found something here you love or to inspire you!

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Custom Jewelry Bridal Party Orders

Jewelry Bridal Party Gift Order - For a Fall Wedding

I really have to give credit to my customers who come up with the ideas of creating one of my jewelry pieces and making it into a bridal party gift set. I've had this done to several of my jewelry pieces and admire each new idea that comes from my customers of what they would like made up custom for their special bridal party. I of course am happy to make sure these orders are at discounted rates and that the bride to be is happy with her purchase. Creating up bridal orders are one of my fave things to do! I love thinking up ways to try to make the packaging extra special and one-of-a-kind. I've had many satisfied and thrilled customers to have placed orders. It's my goal to please!

Bridal Order

This was a custom Bridal order set I made up for a customer of mine. "I simply love making up bridal orders because I love taking the time to make them extra special."

All my orders come with custom packaging that is unique to the bride and groom to be. I also love throwing in extras for the larger orders to give these order something extra special. I try my best to go up and beyond what my customers would expect when placing an order through me. The most popular jewelry made up for bridal parties have been my "Forget-Me-Knot Sterling Silver Necklaces" & "Sterling Silver Water Fresh Pearl Rings". I can however make up any custom creation that a bride would want to match the theme of their wedding day. I will also make sure that all packaging and colors match with what is stated at time of purchase. I ask for the names of the bride and groom, wedding date and colors

Bridal Order

I customize all packaging to match the special day of the Bride and Groom to be given out as gifts to the bridal party.

Bridal Order

These are extras that I've given out depending on how large of an order is made.

Something Blue Charm

This is the sterling silver "Something Blue" Sterling Silver Charm to hook on the bridal bouquet.

Something Blue Charm

Hand Stamped on the charm are the first name initials of the bride and groom and the new joining last name. It is then placed on a sterling silver clasp with a blue crystal placed in the center.

Penny For Her Shoe

Here is the "Lucky Penny For Her Shoe". It goes with the other famous traditions of the special wedding day. A shinny lucky copper penny will be hand stamped with again the initials of the bride and groom to be along with the wedding date. It comes with a silver tone key chain that can then be placed on afterwards to be kept as a lovely little key chain keep sake of the day to remember. It can now be purchased here.

P.S. Another thing that's now available on my Etsy Shop are my - Something Blue Wedding Prayer Box Charm! To be placed on the brides bouquet! What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this item is that these silver prayer boxes actually open to hold and actual wedding prayer. I'll have 3 different options of wedding prayers that can be picked out and printed or one that is customized to be sent to me to be placed in this piece. What a FANTASTIC lil wedding keepsake!!!

BTW it's now available for sale on my Etsy shop!

Beautiful "Something Blue" Wedding Prayer Box!

Opens to hold a very special wedding prayer for the special day!

As always I'd love to hear and see any feedback of what you think of my latest creations! Have a wonderful Day!




Cotton Cord - New Jewelry Designs

My Newest Lil Miss Katie's Bracelet Waxed Cotton Cord Designs

I've been waiting a while to get in this order of Wax Cotton Cording. The shipment came in and even though some of the colors I've ordered are on back didn't discourage me from starting in on some new creations. I'm excited to be presenting my newest collection of bracelets.

I've got several more very simple and elegant designs in the making and at very affordable pricing. So far I love the look and feel of the newest pieces. I love the colors and the versatility of this material. It's easy to work with and I find it very durable to use and wear.

There are so many options on how to create the new bracelets I'm all over the place when wanting to create and customize my pieces. I'm not sure how big of a hit they will be but I see a lot of viewers are enjoying them and marking them as a fave so I have a feeling they will be a big hit. I plan on adding my personalized charms to be an added option to any and all of these. Making it easy to have the be custom created to have a specific name and word to these fantastic new jewelry pieces.


Personlized Toddler Jewelry

Infant & Toddler Jewelry Collection


Infant and Toddler pearl BraceletMy Personalized Toddler Jewelry are a very popular collection. Toddler jewelry pieces, I'll have to say are some of my favorite to create. They always turn out so precious and sweet. I love the idea behind my pieces because they are versitile and can be worn and kept for years to come. Especially for thhe higher end pieces are made with sterling silver and water fresh pearl combinations. You can go here to view and or purchase any of them from my Etsy Shop.

Sterling Silver Toddler Pearl RingWhen I first started creating these one of a kind pieces I noticed there wasn't much out there as far as toddler rings or precious bracelets. To my knowledge I had not seen any toddler wire wrapped rings. My sterling silver water fresh pear wire wrapped ring is very popular especially for flower girls in weddings. My water fresh pearl bracelet with a sterling silver stamped heart is very popular for baptism and little girl's birthdays.

I  also have a couple of creations for the everyday wear and are made for a more casual look. My popular leather bracelet which is a big hit with the young adults can be hand stamped and personalized with a child's name or initials. The other version of my wire wrapped ring is made with a gem of choice and done with a durable non tarnish silver wire.

Toddler Leather Charm BraceletEven though my necklaces are not shown in the toddler section, any of them can easily convert to being a child's length of the silver ball chain. Which is stated on any of my current listings. All necklaces that have a standard sterling silver plated ball chain can also be upgraded to a solid daintier sterling silver ball chain of a 16" strand. The image below is a necklace I gave to all 4 of my nieces for Christmas last year in remembrance of our grandmother who had passed.

Some other creative ideas for these pieces so that they can be continued to be worn is the pearl bracelet for example can be kept and made into a necklace extender for a girls wedding day and the rings can be placed on a chain and be worn as a charm. I love how these pieces can be forever when created in precious metals and pearls.


Back To School

It's that time of year, where kids are off Back To School.


It seems that the summers always fly by anymore and before we know it summers come to an end. Going on Facebook I see status after status of mother's giving a tearful goodbye and picture of their little one's first day of Kindergarten.  I have yet to come across they day but I know it will be here before long. To help celebrate such an occasion of our little ones growing up and that bittersweet knowledge from a mother's standpoint. I'd like to bring in some cheer with some creative and wonderful Etsy Finds to help bring in the new school year!

As one of the most popular and most needed back to school items the backpack...however I came across these very adorable hand-made totes & Book Bags!

Messenger Bag, Orange Striped Bookworm Messenger Bag, Yellow and Orange with Metallic Hearts
Owl Teal Tote I Rock Book Bag
personlized backpack backpack

Can't forget about the first day back to school outfits! (I love love the brother & sister combos)

Back To School Dress Hungry Little Catepiller Dress
Teal owl Dress and shirt Elmo Dress & Shirt Set

The must have and needed school supplies.

Personlized pencil boxes Personlized pencil pouch
Journal or note book Reusable Sandwich Bag
Personlized lunch bags Personlized lunch bag

Back to School Accessories & Just for Fun!

girlie hair clips girlie hair clips
Personalized KINDERGARTEN CUTIE Bottle Cap applicaque back to school
boy suspenders and bow tie Alphabet magnets
Alphabet poster Personalized Squirrel Children's Name Frame

Some Cute Back to School Poems to help get you in the spirit of school season again!



On my back a pack I carry
In it, all my treasures.
It's what I need
So I can be
One class higher!

Crayons, ruler, scissors too,
And yes a little Elmer's glue
Paper, pencils, in my bag…
Wonder what made mom so sad?

Trapper keeper, nice and neat
Will it really stay this clean?

On my back a pack I carry
In it, all my treasures!

Today I'll be
Just watch and see
One class higher!

~Shelley Plum

The First Day of School

I wonder if my drawing will be as good as theirs
I wonder if they'll like me, or just be full of stares
I wonder if my teacher will look like mom or gram
And I wonder if my puppy will wonder where I am.

~Aileen Fisher


School bells are ringing, loud and clear;
Vacation's over, school is here.
We hunt our pencils and our books,
And say goodbye to fields and brooks,
To carefree days of sunny hours,
To birds and butterflies and flowers.
But we are glad school has begun.
For work is always mixed with fun.
When autumn comes and the weather is cool,
Nothing can take the place of school.

~Winifred C. Marshall



Support Our Troops Jewelry

Collection To Support Our Troops & Army Wife Jewlery

It is with great honor that I am able to create these lovely pieces to the those who have loved ones serving our great country. I am happy to have been given this opportunity and to have had so many wonderful stories shared with me over the years. Each time one has been given as a gift or anxiously arrived in the hands of someone that has their loved one recently deployed and I get to hear how touching and meaningful wearing their item is to them. It's a great joy to me that I am able to create these pieces for the those that have to sacrifice their time with a husband,  wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, mother or father so they are able to service our nation. So Thank you to those who service. It's pleasure that I'm able to give back even though in some small way to show my appreciation.


Toddler Infant Rings!

Toddler Ring Infant Ring

You know that Aww moment of picking up a baby's tiny shoe or a baby sock. This will for sure give you the same reaction. These are simply adorable! To be honest there aren't a lot of places that I've found that sell or make custom baby rings so this is one reason I decided to make my own for my little girl. The other reason is my little one is always wanting to try on and fashion the newest rings I make so I decided to make some of her very own. These also make really cute charms for necklaces or a charm bracelet. They are oh too stinking cute!

UPDATE: They are currently avail on my Etsy Shop for purchase. You must contact me with details of sizes and color preferences.


New Flower Hair Clips

Here are some of my fun hand-sewn fabric flowers. I currently do not have them avail online anywhere to be purchased but do plan on getting them in my special bargain bin or to give away as freebies with special orders.


Here's a sneak peek at our new fashion hair clips. Great for all ages too! The lil ones don't get all the fun with hair accessories you know! Click the "Read More" link to view more images.



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