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DIY Jewelry Inspired Ideas

So like many of you....I'm a Pinterest Fanatic and even though I've been away from making jewelry for so long now I still get an overwhelming sense of wanting to make something especially when I come across ideas on my Pinterest feeds. I thought why not share some of them here and possibly inspire others. A lot of them are actual DIY tutorials but other are ones I pinned that by looking at them I know I would be able to figure out how to assemble. Along with my other dozens of web domain names I've purchased that have been placed on the back burner the website was purchased with the idea of selling jewelry kits and creating tutorials. But unfortunately there just isn't enough hours in a day to make everything I think up to happen.


Vintage Window Pane Inspiration

This lovely Vintage Window Pane is a fresh of breath air and something I would LOVE to have or create...if I had the time right!? It immediately gives me a sense of spring and cheer which I know I'll want going into these long winter months ahead. Right now I'll just enjoy this lovely creation and the beautiful makings of fall with all the brilliant colors.

Vintage window pane

I really do need this...I think I'll do an Etsy search...knowing very well I do not have the time to be creating such a lovely delightful piece.

Image source here...however I'm not claiming it's original source. But it's a must share. ;)


Be Inspired to Get Organized

If you are a crafter or artist like me you'll find often that the crafting room is typically the hardest room to keep least for me it is anyway. I know I could use the inspiration for my work area. I'm determined to find some new ideas to get my office more organized and decided to share here as I come across them...even if some of these rooms would seem to far from what would be a reality for me but I do hope to bring some of the ideas to light to actually put to great use.


The Name in Pictures Inspired

Framed Letter Photos are a Perfect Gift!

This site and business was started up by close friends of ours. The Name In Pictures is where you can create a unique and personalized piece of art for yourself or as the perfect gift for someone special.  There are multi ways you can custom create these very unique picture frames. The images are specific photos of objects that relate to a letter of the alphabet to then spell out any word or name you'd like. You can spell a first name, last name, or even an inspirational word.  The possibilities are endless!


The Sugar Cains! Be Inspired

Latest Creation by Cakes by The Sugar Cains!

I find this site to be creatively cute as well as inspiring. This is one of their latest creations and I absolutely love this cake! It's delightfully imaginative! The only downside to these lovely cakes is that I'm not sure I could get myself to ever eat something so beautiful!

I've seen this family grow in the art of decorating cakes for the very beginning stages and seen them blossom in the abilities and talents in the fun fantastic and might I add delicious venture! They blog their stories of their creations down to the details of what they use..the stories they post are simple and cute! You must  check them out for yourself:

I'm eager to see more cake designs as them whip them up for future occasions or just for the fun of it. It's been a joy to see them be so wonderfully creative. Congrats to the Cains to being able to find and embrace their true creative side!

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