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DIY Make Your Own Basket Ideas


Getting Inspired to revamp my office and to organize my office, I've decided I'll need places to PUT things in...baskets mainly so here are some DIY tutorials in doing just that...create your own baskets to start organizing your things!


DIY Popsicle Holders

These are one of those things that you've got pretty much all you life never having and until the day they exist you don't know how you didn't ever have them before. It really makes for a fun project to do for an afternoon with the kiddos...Simple and easy and fun Popsicle holders so the kids fingers don't freeze when they are holding their summer treats.


DIY Headboard Makeovers & Inspiration

Burlap Headboard

I wish I would have had the guts to do this myself before having spent the money on a new bed-frame and headboard which cost a lot of money. Plus I know I would have liked the idea of having more of an organic and natural headboard than the large black leather one I ended up picking out. I know there's not a large selection of these headboards pictured but I promise to be adding more as I have the time to!

Simple But Elegant
Headboard Burlap


Fun With Chalkboard Paint

Original - Fun With Chalkboard Paint

I've been dying to get some chalkboard paint to work into my everyday living areas. As I've come across so many great ideas I wanted to share with you ones that I absolutely love! They are so simple and great that I'm not sure where to start! I hope these inspire you to do some creative ideas in your home as well!

I'd Love to have to add to my Morning Coffee mugs!
Chalkboard Coffee Mug


DIY Project - Ottoman Slipcover

Amazing Turquoise 2010: Ottoman Slipcover

Tutorial and Image Brought to you by: Written By: Liz Johnson

Put your feet up and ponder this age-old question: what's the difference between a footstool and an ottoman? Besides the fact that an ottoman sounds way fancier than a footstool, the only real differences are: 1) an ottoman is always upholstered (footstools needn't be), and 2) sometimes an ottoman has another job: large ones fill in as coffee tables and hollow ones can open up and act as storage boxes. Our ottoman was a favorite kitty perch and had definitely seen better days. Why buy new when you can make a simple cover? Home décor sewing to the rescue!

This amazing tutorial can be found here!


DIY Project - Story Book Fabric Pendant Pattener

Cute Story Book Fabric Pendant Banner!

Image and Tutorial Brought to you By:

This super cute Alphabet Bunting tutorial not only creates a banner that looks great, it's also a secret learn-to-spell game. All the pennants have a front and back so you can put a different letter on each side. And, they're easy to string and re-string, so you can make lots and spell out a new word every day. May we suggest: I LOVE SEW4HOME?! This dandy little decoration is just one of the eight projects in our new Storybook Lil' Boy's Room Series sponsored by Moda Fabrics and featuring the nostalgic Lil' Rascals collection by Chloe's Closet .

Here's another one of those I've got to give this a try soon as I have some time. Right...isn't that always the case!? I would really love to make these up with my daughters name "Dakota" and my soon to be here son "Ayden". I think these would make for great room accents and seem to be fairly easy to make. In the mean time here is the link if you're interested in getting started with one for your child's room. Click here for the tutorial.

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