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DIY Make Your Own Basket Ideas

DIY Baskets DIY Baskets


Getting Inspired to revamp my office and to organize my office, I've decided I'll need places to PUT things in...baskets mainly so here are some DIY tutorials in doing just that...create your own baskets to start organizing your things!



Make a basket from a wine box, diy, diy Design Fanatic, craft

I have countless Dipper and Baby Wipe Boxes...I will need to try this out soon!
Source: DIY Design Fanantic



kates sisal rope bowlAgain bringing in that same concept of gluing on rope only here to a metal tin container instead. But you can see this idea works for all shapes and makes for a great no sew project.
Source: Centsational Girl




Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Chiarapassions DIY : Fruit Basket
This has such a great organic feel and look to it and seem pretty simple and hard to mess up!

Here are ones with the same concept but with doilies. Way to make it even more less complicated!
Source: Going to need Google Translate for this site.

This one is in English with lots of images of how to do this.




Newspaper Basket
Source: Blog AlaCart

Unsure again who the true source of this image so there is no link but the concept seems simple enough and similar to the one shown above. However, I fee it would be a bit time consuming.


Woven Felt Baskets
This one is not a tutorial but rather a link to be able to purchase them. However, seeing the tutorials above thought it would be pretty simple to implement the materials used with felt to achieve the same look.




It's been quite some time since I've crocheted anything but I'd really like to try and make one of these. I think Crocheting with the rhythmic motion is very relaxing.
Source: My World of Wool

These are gorgeous but you'll need Google Translate to translate the site.






This is shown with paper but you could easily do this with fabric instead.
Source: Sofa Mama


Cute Cute Cute...what's more to say!

Seriously ADORBS & I Want! The tutorial on this is wonderful!

Buckets - DIY basket tutorial
Not going to like...these look like there is some Real Work involved here. But they look great ;)

Not sure how "simple" this one is either but still too cute not to share.



Master Class Master Class weaving weaving from the newspaper for beginners Newsprint Paper Straws Photo 17
Time...lots and lots of time...but what a wonderful way to recycle!
Source: Not sure the address it's not English but here's the translated Google link.

DIY basket out of plastic bags!
Source: Unknown but the idea I like crocheting plastic bags...I don't know about you but mine would be from Walmart...thank goodness they are no longer the unchic blue.
Here is a link to a list of tutorials going over how to make these crochet plastic baskets.
Source again is unknown but simply get a container or box, your hot glue gun and your saved corks (you know you save these) and start gluing away!


Here's where I can get my how tiered basket that I saw on my get inspired to organize page that I want and can's not the "same" but i like this one more because it's a DIY one!
Source: Domestic Charm

Finally found the source to this one.
Source: Shanty2Chic

This was made out three baskets and wooden towels... cool Lookie What I Did
Source: Lookie What I Did Blog

I'm telling you I'm going to have one of these by the end of the week made up for my office! ;) What craft room couldn't use one of these!

As I try with all my post...trying to contribute in some small way to the DIY world of inspiration. If you can believe this...I learned this technique in the 5th grade and still had remembered how to make them. This is one I had made quite a while back. I didn't have any intention of making a tutorial so I've got nothing to show there but I did find existing tutorials for this. The technique is African Coiled Baskets you can find a tutorial to one similar to this here.

Tutorial Source: Crafty Pod 
Image source: Lil Miss Katie's Instagram


As always I hope these help inspire you to create something beautiful today! Have a creative inspiring day! Much Love!


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Thank you so much for taking some time to getting to know a lil about myself. I hope you've found something here you love or to inspire you!

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    cristina Friday, 13 September 2013 21:18 Comment Link

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    I wish him the best! never leave creating beautiful things!
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    You will always be welcome!
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