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DIY Popsicle Holders

Popcicle Holders Popcicle Holders

These are one of those things that you've got pretty much all you life never having and until the day they exist you don't know how you didn't ever have them before. It really makes for a fun project to do for an afternoon with the kiddos...Simple and easy and fun Popsicle holders so the kids fingers don't freeze when they are holding their summer treats.

I made these up with my daughter one afternoon trying to think up something crafty for us to do together. I knew I had sheets of unused felt sitting in the basement waiting for me to do something with and so I grabbed and decided from there they were going to become very useful. I didn't have a template for these but got the original idea from a Pin I saw on Pintrest. I figured it couldn't be too hard to wing it so I started by eying where I needed to make my cuts for width and sizing by actually using a Popsicle for placement. Once determined I made some fun quick stitches on both sides and so the fun began.

I got my box of colorful rhinestones and my daughter and I got busy decorating the placement of them. Once placed I glued each one on with my E-6000 craft glue. Within an hours time they were all complete. To this day my kiddos now do not have a Popsicle without using one of these. They've gotten lots of use since then and yes some of the rhinestones have popped off and yes some of them went missing but I love the memories were made from creating these lil gems.

Here are some others I've come across on favorite place to be for inspiration.

Source: Rivelry

Fleece! NO SEW! Can't get any easier than that.


If you're not as adventurous in trying these first hand by winging it...look up here and you'll see there are lots of tutorials on how to make them and even ones that are for sale if you'd prefer to support the work of someone else: Pintrest search on Popsicle Holders.

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