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DIY Project - Create Glass Magnets

Glass Magnet Picture

 Does your refrigerator need a pick-me-up? Hold those family pictures or reminder notes in place with your own handmade decorative glass magnets. These fancy magnets can be customized with scrapbook paper to take on any look you want. Decorative magnets also make a fantastic gift and are simple and easy to create.

I've actually created some myself and would like to make up some more when I get the time. I ended up getting some heavy duty small magnets back when I was making these. I thought these would great to get punches of your wedding invites or bulletins as wedding gifts! There was an invite that I received a while back where I made some up with their fantastic patterns of the wedding invites.

If you sell or make them yourself please feel free to contact me so I can feature you here on this page!

Happy Creating!

The instructions for the square version are slightly different which you can find the the celticmommy site link below.

Glass Magnet Supplies

  1. Trace and cut out circles on your paper using the marbles as your guide.
  2. Lightly cover the front of a paper circle with decoupage paste and glue it to the back of the marble. Rub your fingers over the paper to smooth out any air bubbles. Let the glue dry 3 to 5 minutes before moving on to the next step.
  3. Cut a piece of magnet slightly smaller than the marble and attach it to the back of the paper. If you cannot find self-adhesive magnet strips, use Super Glue or a glue gun to attach a small craft magnet.
  4. Let your magnet dry before using it on a fridge, message board or any metal surface that needs a decorative touch.


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