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DIY Project - Recycle Plastic Bags & Crafty Recycling

recycling by Weaving plastic bags

Here are some great creative crafting projects that lets you recycle items you would otherwise throw out!


If you're anything like me you have a zillion grocery bags. So I really like the crocheting with plastic yarn or plarn as they call it. I also love the gift wrap paper that is recycled in decoupage! Think of the amount of gift wrapping paper that is thrown away every Christmas and Birthday. I hope you feel inspired to use some of these ideas to recycle some of the "trash" you have around the house! Have a wonderful day and Happy Recycling!

Hope this inspires you to do something creative! Happy Creating!


    1. For the Basket you see above:
    2. How to make Magazine Coasters:


  1. Gift bows made from magazines:

  2. Gift Bag Envolopes:

  3. Crocheting with plastic yarn, or "plarn," is a fun way to repurpose plastic bags and create a reusable alternative that is durable and even recyclable!

  4. Gift Wrap Paper and Decoupage: I love this idea or recycling gift paper instead of filling up an entire garbage bag of gift wrapping paper!

  5. Recycling Can using Decoupage:


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