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Free Dino Kids Tale Pattern

This is absolutely adorable! I had to share! I know it's been ages since I've been here to post a thing but leave it to this adorable freebie to get myself back here.

sew a DIY dinosaur (dino) tail

This one really has me wanting to get my sewing machine out and run to the store to buy some fun fabric and stuffing for my 3 year old son. Heck I bet my girls would even adore these for play time. Anyhoo, here it is FREE and I'm pretty confident you'll feel the same way! Best part is it looks pretty easy...just need basic sewing skills and time! :)


Free Printable Thread Spools

I've decided I need to bulk up my "FREEBIE" section so I thought a good start would be with these Free Thread Spools & Template to make your own. I've come across other sites with these however was disappointed to see that the resolution was very poor and not for print quality. So I've made my own sheet that you'll be able to download for free with a variation of colors and pictured are these spools that I am using myself. I hope to add to this page with more options as soon as I get the time to. I like how these turned out and they have a vintage appeal to them. I've printed them on my new laser printer on card stock and they work great from my embroidery thread as you can see here.


Freebie Perfect Chevron Pattern

Perfect Chevron Pattern

I was looking for a new background for our website that went along with our brand new LMK Design look. I'm in love the look of the chevron pattern which is so popular right now and you see it everywhere! While in my search for the perfect background...I came across this site with the free perfect chevron background. You can go here and download the image yourself found at this very cute site full of design and inspiration:

Thanks to Mamma Rachel i couldn't be happier with our updated background. Her color blend in perfect with our LMK Design new revamped look!

They also have some great free downloadable and prints with their too cute designs and images.

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