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Long Distance Relationship Coordinate Jewelry Featured

Coordinate Longitude and Latitude Jewelry Coordinate Longitude and Latitude Jewelry

Coordinate Bracelets...Perfect Gift For When You're Miles Apart.

My leather long distance relationship coordinate bracelets are by far my most popular bracelets and jewelry pieces. They are a timeless, meaningful piece that can be worn by man or woman and for all types of relationships that are near and far. This is very popular for couples' anniversary gifts with coordinates of the where their vows were taken. Great for those heading off to collage for the first time away from home to have placed the coordinates of home and your Mom or Dad having the coordinates of where you go to school. Also very popular set for best friends that live long distances apart or recently moving away. Another popular reason these are purchased are often when there is a loved one that is to be deployed in which I've had several couples purchase the locations of home and where other is being deployed to.

I've also hear time and time again how someone wasn't sure if their boyfriend or husband who usually never wears jewelry ends up loving to wear this meaningful piece. I've actually had my husband say the same, who is one that never wears jewelry other than his wedding band and watch. I have a wide variety of leather colors and thickness. The most popular band for man is the natural 2 mm cording. All woman's bands are typically the 1.5 metallic or natural colors. These are also very popular amongst several best friends or family members who live miles apart from one another. You can find more color options  up top under the Gallery menu to view cording colors available.

Some great features is the fact these are adjustable. Perfect from the petite wrist of a woman to the larger sizing for a man. I do have the 2 sizing options man or woman but both being adjustable for a wide range of wrist sizing. My loop knot makes placing the bracelet on easy to slip on and off. Another wonderful feature would be the added tiny antique disc that can be stamped with a heart symbol or initials of the your loved one...or even both initials for example A&B.

As this item has grown I've often had request for the washer to be in Sterling Silver in which I now have 3 options of this disc....
18 GA Aluminum
22 GA Sterling Silver Satin Finish
20 GA Sterling Silver Mirror Finish

I also have this in a variety of option other than just the bracelet. It now is available as a necklace and key chain. There will be new designs coming soon!

Here are some of the items and links to where they can be purchased:

One Aluminum Long Distance Relationship Coordinate Bracelets

One Long Distance Relationship Coordinate Bracelets

Two Aluminum Long Distance Relationship Coordinate Bracelets:

Long Distance Relationship Coordinate Bracelets

Sterling Silver Coordinate Leather Bracelet Option:

Sterling Silver Long Distance Relationship Coordinate Leather Bracelet

Aluminum Washer Double Coordinate Necklace:

Coordinate washer Necklace

Aluminum Washer Coordinate Key Ring:

As you can see this is the perfect gift idea for long distance friends and or lovers. The idea is keep someone close to you not matter were they may be.

You may also want to check out my LDR Long Distance Relationship customizable Wall art found here.

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Lil Miss

Graphic, Web and Jewelry Designer and Artist...I'm inspired by all things creative. When I started jewelry making as a side hobby over 5 years ago, I became obsessed with the the craft and everything about it. Design, colors, textures, details and technique. I now not only make pieces I enjoy to wear but have hand created thousands of pieces for people all over the world.

Thank you so much for taking some time to getting to know a lil about myself. I hope you've found something here you love or to inspire you!


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